Gwyneth Bison said...

wow, j'avais jamais vu ton blog... ben mon vieux! t'as de superbes choses ici,ça fait plaisir de voir du dessin comme ça, c'est bon, ça me ramène à mes premiers amours. à partir d'aujourd'hui, je suis rss-abonné, bises

joan said...

Hi Remi,

It's wonderful to share your trip, what you saw, what you feel through your pen line, the colours, pen touching and so on. You have your own very warm-heart images and colour. I have forgotten my enjoying drawings and filming...what a shame, but I got inspiration from the images from your trip. Oh,You're right, I have to appreciate to introduce me your friend Camillelvis's works. Your friend's works are with full of wit and unique. It was cute of 'chocolate cars'(have you watch it?) ^^

Remi, our executive chef, Lionel is starting developing recipe from next week and it will take about one month. I will let you know when we accomplish our recipe. I am excited of your critic after trying our chocolate and it's great honor!

Remi, Have a great work!

Joan from SF

Jess said...

Hey Remi! Just found your blog through Ray's profile sketch you did. Fantastic, drool-inducing, inspiring drawings. Hope all's well with you.